Are you a smart and successful man who looks like he has his shit together but is dying on the inside?
Learn to distinguish the difference between true power vs. force so that you can bust through the paradigm of what it means to be a man and stand powerfully in who you are.

Or would you continue to struggle with:

· The stress of always having to maintain control
· Unfulfilling relationships and feelings of disconnection
· Anxiety and always second-guessing yourself
· Difficult emotions that are hard to express
· Feeling stuck not making the progress you want in your life

It’s not easy to admit when we’re stuck. But clearly, we’ve been stuck, and for a long time. We see our fathers struggle. We see our sons struggle. We struggle. The time has come to break the old paradigm, and step up into a freedom of being that honors the men we are beneath all the masks we’ve learned to wear.

I want to show you how to choose this for yourself.

April 18-21, 2019
Damascus, Oregon
The Art of Becoming Yourself
A 3-Day Retreat in learning to live in your truth
If you could immerse yourself in three full days of uncovering your true power, bring joy and play back into your life and watch yourself transform into a better man than you’ve ever been . . .
Would you?
I’m on a mission to help men overcome their hidden blocks and expand their self-expression so they can unlock their inner strength and their true masculine power, and experience joy, peace and love in every aspect of their lives.
I’m Michael Namkung.
When you join us on this adventure, you will learn to:

  • Stand in the truth of who you really are and fall in love with your journey
  • Relax into yourself and trust your intuition
  • Dissolve your hidden emotional blocks and unlock your playfulness
  • Strengthen the power to heal those around you
  • Create or rekindle meaningful and fulfilling relationships
  • Become aware of the abundance all around you supporting your life

The Art of Becoming Yourself is a 3-day immersion in letting down all the masks we’ve learned to wear as men, so that the real you can come forth and stand in your true power.

When you learn how to go deep within and connect with your truth, you can create the life you desire, and you can make the positive impact in the world you came here to make. 

Society has been telling men for a long time that they need to soldier on silently and figure it out. We need to remember that we’re all in this together. We need each other to hold us to the light of truth, and to help us navigate the roadblocks on our path. When you open to receiving the support you need to make these shifts in your life, you access an entirely new level of power.

Step into that power. That’s what this retreat is for.

Why Attend?
Asif Farooq is an artist who began making paper airplanes as a child and hasn’t stopped yet. He has spent the last five years making a fully-detailed Cold War era soviet fighter plane entirely out of paper, scaled perfectly to his body frame. 

Master of the entrepreneurial mindset, he has created almost every job he’s ever had, from artist to awning manufacturer.

Learn more about Asif here.
Jenny Moutou is a women’s empowerment coach, energy worker and shamanic practitioner who creates healing and clearing ceremonies. She is the founder of The Way of the Warrior Women, a business that celebrates sisterhood and takes women out of the shadows and into the light where they can shine.
She supports both men and women in integrating their masculine and feminine energies.
We’re bringing together artists and healers to support and nurture you in your commitment to becoming your true self.
What will the experience include?
We’re creating a container for men to be safe to be themselves--a nonjudgmental container that supports men in seeing and recognizing where they are on their life path.

Our three days together will include teachings on the creative process, masculine power vs. feminine power, and spiritual laws.

You’ll learn methods to shift your energy and your mindset. You’ll receive coaching around your most difficult issues, and you’ll have ample time for personal reflection, healing and integration of lessons.

You’ll learn new artistic processes and new playful ways of being that will shift your perspective and reveal the untapped inner strength available to you.

The power of participating in a space of brotherhood is immeasurable. As you break bread and share stories with your brothers on this path, you’ll learn to access a new level of power that men have within them--an inner strength that you will take back to your family, your community, and your inner life.

Your soul needs regeneration, and for that you need respite. Grant yourself time away from the daily grind, return to center, to return to the ground of your being.

Your soul will thank you.

Over our three days together, you’ll learn how to stand in your truth. When you leave, you’ll know how to walk in it.
  • You’ll learn tools that’ll help you overcome resistance, relax into yourself and trust your intuition so you can feel confident and at ease to make clear decisions in your life. 
  • You’ll learn how to be more vulnerable, more truthful, and more fearless than you’ve ever been. 
  • You’ll learn to drop into your body and into your heart and deepen into the power of love so you can build the life, relationships and legacy you came here to create. 
  • You’ll walk away feeling your true source of power, understanding how to step into your freedom and joy so you can take leadership of your life. 
If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together. 

 -African proverb

Join us. Come stand in your truth.
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Michael helped me to see where I was sacrificing my truth and where I was neglecting what’s important to me. He shined a light on the ways I had been giving away my power and showed me how to honor and trust myself. 

Now I’m enjoying my work so much more, and I now know how to respect and hold my own boundaries and not take on other people’s issues. The most exciting part is that I’ve learned how to dream again. I’m starting to create the life I want, and that feels immensely freeing. Working with Michael woke me up.

 -Steve D.

Michael taught me how to take responsibility for my own experience when I’m in a conflict. He showed me how to bring new awareness to what was happening inside me that has allowed me to stop accumulating frustration. My soul has shifted as a result of the work Michael led us through, and I feel more confident in being more courageous and decisive.

-Luiz T.

I was stuck in constant overwhelm and stress both at home and at work. Michael created a space for me to feel seen and heard, and he gave me the language to be able to express things that felt really hard to talk about. 

He asked me questions I’d never before considered, and helped me discover that some of the beliefs I had about myself were not true. He was never preachy, and always guided me towards discovering my own answers. And I discovered that happiness is a choice.

-Sean M.

You, seeker
Walk no one’s path but your own
Sink into yourself
Allow all of your false selves to fall
Find your ground
Let your eternal light
Uncloud your vision
See the god inside you
You are not alone
Make a place of welcome
Your goodness will greet you

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About the Still Meadow Retreat Center
Set on 50 acres of old growth forest and meadow, with a year-round running creek, hiking trails and sauna, our lush setting provides a nurturing environment that inspires a deepening of experience.

The Still Meadow sanctuary room is designed according to the proportions of sacred geometry. These proportions are found throughout all of nature, from the tree to the human body, to the solar system. Using these natural proportions has resulted in a space that both opens the individual and sustains the energy of a group in a remarkable way.

With its beautifully landscaped grounds, located in rural Damascus, Oregon, only a half hour from both downtown Portland and the Portland International Airport, the Still Meadow meeting facility offers a secluded and safe setting for retreats and workshops.

Executive Chef Tom Weatherell will account for any dietary restrictions you have to ensure you have a healthy dining experience during your stay, and offers gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

We gather in a truly auspicious time and place. Winter is turning to spring calling forth new growth in all of us. We’ll be blessed by a full moon to light the path of the journey of transformation--each of us, on our own road to Damascus.

Pricing includes a complete package of food and accommodations. Check in begins after 12pm on Thursday April 18 and we’ll depart after lunch on Sunday April 21. Choose your room option below.

  • $997     $697    Dorm room            
  • $1097   $797    Double occupancy   
  • $1197   $897    Private room           

Please note that the Dorm rooms will have 3-4 people sharing a room.

Early Bird ticket pricing ends March 29th!
Register today!
Bring a friend and receive $100 off your ticket price!

I’m looking forward to helping you take leadership your life so you can step into a whole new way of being—one that has you showing up every day, in the freedom and joy of being you.

About Michael Namkung
Michael is an artist, a world champion athlete, a transformational coach, and a continual embracer of what’s unfolding in him. His mission is to support emerging leaders and visionaries in speaking their truth, walking their highest path, and becoming the creative powerhouses they are so they can experience the abundance and success that allows them to make the impact they’re here to make in the world.
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